Newest TK300 GPS and AGPS dual positioning GPS Tracker

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NEW PRODUCT (with original packaging) -- TK300 GPS and AGPS dual positioning GPS Tracker


Working based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS, APP and Internet. It adopts the most advanced technology of GPS and AGPS dual positioning.


Content Specs
Dim. 90*46*17mm
Weight 56g
Network 2G GSM/3G WCDMA
Band GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz / UMTS850/900/1900/2100MHz
GSM chip MTK
GPS chip Ublox 7020&8130
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 10m
Time To First Fix Cold status  45s-85s
Warm status  35s
 Hot status  1s
Work voltage 9-36V
Storage Temp. -40°C to +85°C
Operation Temp. -20°C to +55°C
Humidity 5%--95% non-condensing


2.Hardware Description

Device default is 2pin connector
1)red wire connect power positive+,
2)black wire connect power negative-,
3) Yellow wire connects to ACC (optional 4pin connector)
4) White wire connects to relay white wire (optional 4pin connector)
2.1) device face up the sky When install in car, if the windscreen glued by metal thermal insulation layer or heating layer, it will reduce the GPS receive signal and lead to GPS work disorder
The GPS tracker must be installed by professional personnel


green light -Solid GSM signal connection
green light -Flash NO GSM connection
Blue light -Solid GPS signal connection
Blue light -Flash No GPS or searching gps signal

Note: All leds will turn off after 10 minutes for best hide.if you call the device mobile number,so the led will turn on work again. Connect 12V-36 v voltage of the power supply

3. Notices:

1).GPS tracking can be worked outdoor. Must have mobile phone gsm signal and have GPS signal,  It can block GPS satellite signal when there are metal or  building above the GPS tracker etc.
2).Pls make sure 3G WCDMA card or 2G GSM network sim card, supports making calls, sending messages, GPRS network.have money,Cancel the PIN code

  1. Quick using

1) Put the SIM card into device,take the device to outdoor 
2) if option backup battery,inscert sim card ,tracker auto power on. no battery,pls connect external power9-36V
3) send“smslink123456” to sim card in tracker ,tracker reply positioning information



      Pic(1)have gps signal                                                  Pic(2)no gps signal
Pic 1Replied real-time tracking information under GPS satellites signal.

  1.  Lat:22.67533 lon:114.03913  Positioning of the latitude and longitude values.
  2.  Speed000.3    device moving speed. The unit is km/h.

   T:06/14/17 09:14  Real-tracking time, the Default is London time. You can 
                   Set a time zone by sms command
Google Link:      Google map showing the position of the device.
Pic 2Replied LBS information without GPS satellites signal.

  1. smcc:27a4 1223:  Real-time LBS data.
  2. Time:08/00/00     LBS positioning time.

If you received positioning information as picture 2, please take gps tracker go to outdoor and Walking ,then you can receive the satellite signal.
5:Support Website tracking and APP tracking 
5.1 Scan APP and Download APP
1)scan QR code---open with browser--- choose Android or IPHONE---download-- installation app
2) Download iOS APP:login in app store---dagps---Install the dagps APP           
5.2: login platform  positioning
Use tracker IMEI login, default password 123456. 
You can tracker device,it is ok

NOTE:If you insert the correct SIM card and open GPRS, device in outdoor, still not online.Please set the APNcommands
we have two methods to find out apn content:ask simcard company or put sim card into cell phone to find out APN
SMS1: APN123456+space+Apn name (for example tell you the apn name is ABC,so send  APN123456 ABC)  
 If have the APN user name and password, need plus APN user name and password behind the APN name)
Eg:APN123456+space+APNname+space+APNuser name+space+ APNpassword

If want use other platform ,pls set new ip and port.
 SMS1: admin123456+space+IP+space+port
  Eg: Admin123456 7018

6. SMS Command instruction

1) Device default password:123456)
2)use of mobile phone APP or send message to the tracker about all set command,note the space in the command
3)The default mode is “GPRS”, Send SMS: sms123456 to the tracker, It close GPRS mode,Send SMSgprs123456
4)the default alarm way is SMS+platform 


Set admin number(suppor 5pcs admin admin123456 mobile number
admin number receive alarm message
admin ok
Cancel admin number noadmin123456 mobile number noadmin ok
Set time zone time zone123456 1
 (1 is east 1, -1 is west 1)
Time zone ok
Set time zone(half time zone) Time zone123456 8 30
(8 30 is east 8.5 time zone)
time zone ok
set move alarm move123456 200 (200 is the meter) move ok
Cancel move alarm nomove123456 nomove ok
Cancel low battery alarm Lowbattery123456 off Low batter ok
Acc alarm(4pin connector ) acc123456 Acc ok
Cancel acc alarm(4pin connector ) Noacc123456 Noacc ok
Cut off oil or power(option relay
If the car is driving at high speed or has no gps signal, it will not implement
(it will control stop the car when the speed is less than 20KM/H,this is safety way to stop engine way
Stop engine success
Cut off oil or power( Execute immediately) Stop123456(no matter car high speed,it execute immediately,don’t proposal for consider safety) Stop engine success
Resume cut off oil or power resume123456 Resume engine
Set vibration alarm shock123456 Shock  ok
Cancel vibration alarm Noshock123456 Noshock ok
real-time tracking (default 10s) fix030s***n123456
every30seconds/1times positioning Can change time interval
T n ok
Parameter Check123456 Device status
restart reboot123456 Reboot ok

7. FAQ and processing methods.

  FAQ Instructions/Solutions
Fail to turn it on Please check if connect to power 9V-36V and red light if Solid
No GSM signal Please check if SIM card installed correctly and have money, if  there a mobile phone GSM signal
Please check if SIM card is 3G or Compatible 2G GSM network. And have to mobile phone signal
  • Don’t turn on the PIN code
  • no calls can be diverted
  • Please check if voltage of the power is normal
  • Please check if voltage of the power is normal
No GPS A more open view of the sky is recommended to make sure the receive the GPS signal outdoor and take device to walk around
or take device to walk around outdoor
No reply to SMS command Password wrong or the format is wrong. restore factory settings send messages begin123456
No reply to calling & No alarm message Authorized / admin phone number is incorrect or has not set up
SMS position OK, cannot the APPposition Pls check if APN is correctly set. And set the correct APN

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